How British kids waste their time and money

How British kids waste their time and money
In this article we give you a great example why regulation is a good thing and what might happen if you take it easy.

We are proud to give you the list of games that took care of the biggest chunk of pocket money of kids living in the UK. This list has been brought up by UK gambling commission and served as an example and argument “why we need a tough gambling regulation” back in 2014. Since then, many things have changed and kids are no longer allowed to play. The list has been brought up in 2022, since the estimated decrease is over 95%.

Football is not just a game

You may not know about it, but kids in the UK used to go crazy about football betting. Sure, they still go crazy about football, but as the research points out “you can enjoy football without betting on it”. Football betting alone was responsible for 96 million lost among kids in bets back in 2014. This number is rather alarming and as the study reports, kids are more likely to lose compared to the adults.

There are new limitations on the table right now and one of them is a complete prohibition of betting ads during sport events. The new initiative has been controversial, since many clubs in lower competitions might lose a big piece of their annual budget.

20p costs more than 20p 

With an astonishing 36 million, the number 2 is 20p roulette. This game has a simple design and many could ask a question: Why this one? Well, maybe the simplicity?  If you are a fan of classic roulettes, 20p Roulette is the right one to waste your money on. The betting range is extensive making the game perfect for all types of stake players. Before starting out, you can play the demo version of the game to get accustomed to the gameplay. The demo makes it perfect for beginners.

Launched by Big Cat Games, 20p Roulette has a 97.30% RTP rate. You can bet anything between 1 pound and 10000 pounds. Its retro style and wide betting limits make the game more attractive. You can play with real money or virtual coins and is considered a big danger for the youth.

Mike Tyson is a great name to sell anything

You may know that Mike Tyson is a famous boxer, probably the best boxer of all time. It takes a second for all the marketers in the world to come up with a money maker and Mike Tyson Roulette is one of them. Number 3 in our charts has drained

What is Mike Tyson Roulette about? Here, you get to play boxing with him, virtually of course! You can start the game by placing a bet of 10p to 100 pounds. The rules of European roulette apply to the game.  All you need is to bet on the number that you believe the ball will land at when the wheel stops spinning. If you are making the right prediction, you can win cash prizes. The payout rate may go up to 35/1. The fun-filling table game will captivate all your senses. It has multiple fascinating bonus rounds along with high-end graphics comprising white and black city skyline.

Lucky Seven is not too lucky

Developed by Betsoft Gaming, Lucky Seven is known for its unique themes, simple approach, and outstanding winnings – but not for the player. The game is equipped with 3 reels and a single pay line. Therefore, the game is extremely poor when it comes to game functions, but great when it comes to ripping off kids’ pocket money – with 9 million we have position number 4.

What are the game features? Here, you don’t get any free spin or wild cars. Cherry scatter is one of its popular features that enables you to win 2x to 10x of your initial stake. You can even win 5000 coins on a bet of mere 3 coins. All these make the game super attractive for the players.

Fire & Ice might get you some headaches

Created by Amatic, Fire & Ice is one of the popular casino games that follows the classical model. Kids have lost over 5 million back in 2014 and with that we are done with the charts. What is Fire and Ice  about? The game is presented with fruity 7-bars symbols. You can win multiple bonuses in the course of the game.  The fast-paced fruity action can be played across different devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

The game has a 5×4 slot along with 20 pay lines. The wide range of pay lines along with the prize amount makes the game highly attractive for the players. It has a retro lookout along with free spins, wild prizes, instant wins, and more.

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